Unhappy McDonald's customer moved from drive-thru after two hour hold-up

A man who parked his car in a McDonald’s drive-thru and refused to leave after he was asked to wait for two sausage and egg McMuffins has been moved on by police after getting a refund.

By Wes Holmes
Sunday, 22nd May 2022, 11:49 am
Updated Sunday, 22nd May 2022, 12:04 pm

The hold-up began at around 9.30am today (May 22) when customer Stuart Yates drove up to the the fast food restaurant on Churchchill Way, Leyland, and ordered the breakfast meals for his son and his friend.

Staff asked him to wait in the car park while the McMuffins were prepared, but he said: “A week ago I got made to wait in the car park for over 15 minutes”

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The customer has been moved on from the drive-thru

The 55-year-old said he was offered a cash refund by the restaurant, but wanted the money put back on his credit card, which he had used to pay for the McMuffins – and added he would wait ‘all week’ if necessary.

He has now left the restaurant following a visit from the police.

He said: “I said I’m not moving, I’m well within my rights asking for a refund to be put back onto my card.

“They eventually gave me a refund and tried passing me a long letter they had typed out, but I refused to accept it.

"I hadn’t sworn, I hadn’t done anything threatening. I hadn’t broken any laws.”

He added that he did not receive his McMuffins, but ordered two Big Macs via Uber Eats when he got home instead.

McDonald’s was contacted but a member of staff refused to commen further.