Royal reaction from Lancashire as William and Kate head to Blackpool

Lancashire has today given its royal reaction to the visit of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Blackpool next week.

By Gordon Mccully
Tuesday, 26th February 2019, 6:38 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th February 2019, 10:17 am
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge who will visit Blackpool next week.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge who will visit Blackpool next week.

William and Kate will be in the resort on Wednesday, March 6, to learn how it is leading the way in tackling some of the social and mental health problems faced by people in Britain today.

Comments online have been mixed - from the welcoming and light-hearted to the more poignant and serious.

They include:

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge who will visit Blackpool next week.

Dawn Hilton: "It costs the public purse at least £60 million to protect them on a visit like this. Think about that Blackpool. Think of the NHS."

Cathy Adams: "Can the people of Blackpool only make derogatory remarks about everything this is an opportunity to have our future king and queen in Blackpool for goodness sake get a grip and look at it as a great opportunity to sell our town and put it in the national map it’s wonderful news and I wish I could meet them."

Rj Rihani: "How about go to the relevant parts of Blackpool. What's the tower and the comedy carpet going to do for mental health how about meet the real people not those who have been specifically hand picked."

Stuart Kelton: "Stay for the match Will. We'll look after you mate."

Charlotte Nicholas-Thompson Ellie May: "I want to see them!!"

Catherine Nettleship: "Omg I need to be there."

Natasha Jane: "Typical, it's the one day I can't go. Love these two."

Kerry Green: "Shauna, they coming yours for tea?

Shauna Harley, Kerry Green: "I’ll bake my award winning Victoria sponge!"

Danielle Armistead: "Shall we get the posh stuff out?"

Helen Jones: "I will be away G what a shame. X

The royal couple's first stop will be the iconic Blackpool Tower.

The Duke and Duchess will join a round table briefing about the town’s recent history, the challenges, and the investment and regeneration efforts that are currently underway.

They will spend time on the Comedy Carpet on the promenade to meet members of the public before travelling to Blackpool Central Library where they will join two separate discussions.

The Duchess will continue her work on early childhood and join people involved in Blackpool’s ‘A Better Start’ programme, including health visitors, practitioners from the Family Nurse Partnership, and parents.

The session, led by Merle Davies, the Director of Blackpool’s Centre for Early Child Development, will discuss the impact of long-term investment in mothers, fathers and children in their early years.

The Duke will meet people affected by problems around mental health, including issues such as homelessness and addiction, and meet people making a difference through the innovative work.

He will also meet representatives of the emergency services and first responders to learn more about how they are helping people with complex mental health needs. For the final stop of the day, Their Royal Highnesses will visit Revoe Park, to see the revamped community garden and park that has been transformed thanks to involvement from ‘A Better Start’.