Reader reaction to £35m super warehouse for Leyland: "Yet they objected to Ikea! .. go figure!"

The warehouse, on what was once a landfill site for a former Leyland Motors factory nearby, is expected to bring more than 1,000 jobs to the area and generate more than £40m for the local economy.

By Emma Downey
Thursday, 5th May 2022, 12:30 pm
Updated Thursday, 5th May 2022, 3:22 pm

Readers have voiced their mixed views on the Post Facebook page.

While Dale Green believed it to be "Great news for the local economy", others held a different mindset.

Steven Marginson: "Go build it next to M65 junction at Bamber Bridge. Straight onto motorways for deliveries not clogging up centurion way or Farrington Road with even more vans."

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How the vast warehouse (right) will look (Image: KPP Architects).

Lesley Anne Baines: "Yet they objected to Ikea! .. go figure!

John Price: "We all know it's never a 1000 jobs, 100 if your lucky. With automation and robotics you just don't need the staff."

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Super-warehouse could create 1,000 new jobs for Leyland area

Chris Jenkinson added: It's only being built because everyone shops on their phone and gets it delivered. These super warehouses are why the high streets are the way they are."

Dave Skinner: "With no potential customers to operate it who is financing the build?"

"I presume Government grants & incentives to the developer which indirectly coming out of the Taxpayers pocket!!"

Terry Hudson: "Yet another example of no consideration regarding the already gridlocked roads around Leyland. Just keep building houses, commercial warehouses on."

David Taylor: "More Greenland being stripped away.. Sad."

Ruth Taylor: "The road network is already over crowded with houses being built everywhere you look. Are there plans included in this scheme to increase road capacity?"

Brian Kimberley: “Amazon delivery ever 5 minutes? My missus will love that.”

Malcolm Duckworth: “NEW jobs or just jobs with relocation incumbents ??”

Craig Ward: “Of course it won't be rail connected. Could it be in future -probably unlikely so more lorries on the road.”

Sarah Hoggarth: “It’s bigger than RPH need a new hospital that can house the patients.”

Michael Lord: “No mention of the environmental costs. We can't keep doing this with the impending environmental catastrophe we are facing.”

Pete Everton: “Have the council taken into account that Leyland is already a car park with the traffic problems.”