'Raise 20mph speed limit in Broughton if it can't be enforced'

Councillors in Broughton are calling on the speed limit to be brought back up to 30mph if its current 20mph limit is not enforced.

Saturday, 4th January 2020, 5:00 pm
The crossroads in Broughton

Coun Pat Hastings, chairman of Broughton Parish Council, says speeding in the village is a problem as police are not enforcing the 20mph speed limit.

If the 20mph limit is not enforced, she wants to see a 30mph back in place and speed cameras installed.

She said: “We asked police why they wouldn’t enforce the 20mph speed limit when all the accidents were happening at the crossroads.

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“The police don’t enforce it. We can’t find anywhere in Lancashire that there have been any enforcement (of 20mph). Why don’t we put it back to 30mph and put speed cameras in?

“Lancashire County Council put the 20mph limit in.

“People can enforce a 30mph speed limit. It’s going back and forth and we are getting a lot of speeding.

“Why can’t police enforce it? Why isn’t anyone enforcing it?

“We are quite willing to get the speed cameras.

“Please put it back up to 30 then we can do something about it.”

Lancashire police said the force was “not complacent when it comes to tackling issues around road safety” and it was working with Lancashire County Council residents “to identify those areas where they feel road safety is an issue”.

But a spokesman added: “In light of changes in demand and austerity measures, we take a targeted approach to policing our roads and focus on areas where the most casualties are recorded and the injuries sustained are the most severe.”

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council told the Post that it had deployed ‘smiley face’ speed indicator signs in Broughton village to reinforce the 20mph speed limit in response to concerns about speeding soon after it was introduced in 2017.

The spokesman said: “If people contact us about their recent concerns we will consider them and assess average vehicle speeds and any information and intelligence about the number of injury collisions.

"The Speed Management Group, a partnership between ourselves and the Police, will consider this and determine what action, if any, can be taken to address the issues.

"The programme of activity developed to address speeding concerns includes the installation of temporary signs and speed indicator signs, Community Road Watch, engagement and education activities.”