Preston family fundraises to help their cat after suffering horrific injuries

A Preston family is organising a fundraising drive after their cat suffered horrific injuries.

Thursday, 29th August 2019, 8:09 am
Updated Thursday, 29th August 2019, 9:09 am
Storm the cat

Storm the cat went missing for a day and reappeared with a huge stomach injury.

The wound is thought to have been caused accidentally – but the vet’s bill is expected to exceed £1,200.

Now owner Roxanne Flynn, of Ashton, Preston, has launched a Go Fund Me appeal to raise money as the family does not have pet insurance.

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Storm, aged 10, is thought to have been caught on barbed wire or a sharp object and after freeing himself slowly made his way home.

His owners were horrified to see his injuries

Roxanne said: “We are absolutely devastated.

“He’s such a lovely cuddly happy kitty usually. “He will let anyone pick him up for a cuddle and can usually be found sleeping in the sun.

“What has happened to him is horrendous but to make matters worse it has cost over £1,200 so far.

“If you could donate anything it would be greatly appreciated.”

Another family member said: “We are pretty sure it was an accident.

“I think he may have got caught on something and then wrenched himself free.”

Roxanne, who works part time, said she felt foolish that Storm was not insured but it had not occurred to the family.

The Go Fund Me online appeal has so far raised more than £800 toward Storm’s operations.

He may also need more surgery for his wounds.