Model who suffered anxiety after working three jobs is so much happier after losing two stone with Weight Watchers - and is ready to embark on a new career

Working three jobs and maintaining a modelling career had almost become too much for Rebecca Douglas.

Thursday, 25th April 2019, 4:23 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th April 2019, 4:29 pm
Rebecca Douglas modelling extreme make up
Photo by Michael Burke Photography
Rebecca Douglas modelling extreme make up Photo by Michael Burke Photography

Working three jobs and maintaining a modelling career had almost become too much for Rebecca Douglas.

Her chaotic lifestyle, working with brain injury patients, as well as people with learning disabilities, led to her not having time to cook healthy meals and no time to herself.

As a result, the 20-year-old from Preston, piled on the pounds and battled anxiety.

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Rebecca Douglas, of Preston, after she lost more than two stones using Weight Watchers Photo by Paul L Photography

Rebecca, who also has a personality disorder which stemmed from her childhood, has now quit her role with the NHS and is pursuing a career linked to her earlier modelling days.

She has also lost two stone and feels more equipped to deal with what life throws at her.

She says: “I used to work for the NHS in the brain injury ward, as well as leading horse riding at my mum’s family business, Broom Hill Day Care Centre in Clitheroe, which gave animal therapy for people with learning disabilities.

“I also had a seasonal job at Scare Kingdom as one of the scare acts and I did photoshoots from time to time.

Rebecca Douglas modelling extreme make up Photo by Michael Burke Photography

“I was very busy and I worked myself into illness.

“I was working 12-hour shifts at the brain injury ward for three days in a row, with two days off and then back on. The days I was off, I would be working at Broom Hill. I was only getting a few days off a month.

“I had to give up Scare Kingdom due to anxiety.

“Working crazy hours at the hospital affected my mental health and I ended up leaving, as I had severe psychological problems, and it heightened my personality disorder which stemmed from my childhood. I was emotionally attached to the patients and it all built up.

Rebecca Douglas, of Preston, on her wedding day before she lost weight Photo by Ryan Cowburn

“Growing up, our house was not kept very well and I had minimal social interaction. I also went through a few traumatic experiences, including losing a mother-figure to cancer, losing my grandparents and being in a controlling and abusive relationship.

I also think I had ADHD, which went undiagnosed.

“All this affected the way I was.

“I tried it manage it myself, using my own coping strategies. I used to go out drinking alcohol but it would make me a different type of person, as it made me antisocial. I went from one extreme to another as I was going out all the time and then I stopped when I got pregnant with my son.”

Rebecca Douglas (far right) and her two sisters after they joined Weight Watchers

Rebecca noticed the weight piling on as she was too busy to eat healthy meals.

She adds: “When I first started working at the age of 16, in child care, I was physically fit and healthy.

“I didn’t have a particularly healthy lifestyle but I was active so I was burning it off.

“I used to run for Blackburn Harriers but when I was doing shift work I had to give it up as I couldn’t make the training sessions.

“I got stuck in a rut where I was so caught up in looking after other people and making them happy that I forgot about myself.

“I was eating a lot of convenience foods and take aways because of the hours. I had to live off caffeine, sugar and energy drinks. I was going out a lot, drinking and piled the weight on.

Joyce Scott now

“At my heaviest I was 12st 13, a dress size 16/18.”

As a result of her weight, Rebecca suffered back ache due to her large bust size of 40E. This was a particular problem when she fell pregnant and shortly after she gave birth to her son nine months ago, she joined Weight Watchers at Deepdale Bowling Club after three of her family members had seen success and she slimmed down to 10st 12.5lb.

She says: “My sister, Gemma Holden, is a coach for Weight Watchers, running her own workshop at Feniscowles and Pleasington Sports and Social club, also at the New Methodist Church in Darwen. My gran, Joyce Scott also went, along with my other sister Katie Scott I was the last one to join before Christmas.

“We have lost nine stone between us all.

“As soon as I lost my first stone by Christmas, I began to feel happier in myself.

“My relationship has improved as has my mental health plus I can fit in smaller clothes. I feel more confident in my skin and I have started taking pictures of myself again. But although I have lost weight, I have gained weight on my chest, causing significant problems in my back and shoulders, so I am on a waiting list for a breast reduction.”

Now Rebecca has lost weight, she has begun to focus on other aspects of her life and she enrolled at Preston’s College and Progress at Accrington to retrain as a hairdresser and barber, and she plans to become a theatrical, film and special effects make up artist.

She adds: “When I started college in January I found it quite hard but after a few weeks I have come out of my shell.

“My future aim is to do theatrical, film and media make up with special effects, but I need to qualify as a hairdresser first.”