Man stunned to find Royal Python hiding behind tumble dryer

A couple were in for a shock when they went to fix their faulty tumble dryer and found a 4ft snake behind it.

Tuesday, 22nd December 2020, 2:57 pm
The Royal Python discovered behind a tumble dryer

The Royal Python, also known as a Ball Python as they tend to roll into a ball when stressed or threatened, was found in the utility room of their home on Sunday.

The couple said the tumble drier was not working so they pulled it out to see if they could fix it - and were gobsmacked to find a snake curled up behind it.

The woman, who does not want to be named, said: “My husband pulled the drier out and seemed taken aback - and then said ‘there is a snake here’. I thought it would be a small grass snake not a 4ft-long Royal Python.

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”Lucky he is quite calm with things like this but I was quite shocked - it is not what you expect when you want to do a bit of laundry.”

They then called the RSPCA and animal rescue officer David Hatton was called to collect the snake from the property in Beecham Road, Southport.

He said: “I was quite surprised at the size of the snake, which is a non-venomous species, and the fact that it is in such good condition makes me suspect that it is a pet that has escaped.

“I am not sure how it managed to get into the utility room but it was probably attracted by the warmth from the drier when it was on.

“The snake was cold but I soon managed to warm it up. The snake is currently our care and I am hoping whoever owns it will contact us so we can reunite the pair for Christmas.”

Many of the snakes that the RSPCA’s officers are called to collect are thought to be escaped pets.

The RSPCA would always recommend owners invest in an enclosure suitable for the particular species and that the enclosure is kept secure (and locked if necessary) when unattended to prevent accidental escape.

It is possible to microchip snakes and the RSPCA would recommend that owners ask their exotics vet to do this, so that snakes can be easily reunited if lost and found.

In the wild, Royal Pythons are found in West and Central Africa where they live in grasslands and forests.

The RSPCA would always recommend that anyone who sees a stray exotic snake - to keep a safe distance, call our helpline on 0300 1234 999 and monitor the animal until we can get there.

For more information about royal pythons and their care, please visit the RSPCA’s website: