Lostock Hall family spruce up community nature spot during litter-pick

A Lostock Hall family collected nearly 8.5kg of rubbish when they litter-picked a popular bird-feeding area.

Monday, 13th January 2020, 5:00 pm
Amanda Goode's daughter and son with the bags of rubbish collected by the family.

Amanda and Kevin Goode and their two children headed to a stretch of cycle path that runs from Todd Lane North towards the roundabout and Bamber Bridge where they helped to clean up the pond.

Amanda said: "I am trying to bring up my children to care about and protect our planet and this is just one of the ways I am trying to teach them. I know other people enjoy that section of cycle path and I thought it was a shame to see the litter building up. So, inspired by other people on a local Facebook group doing good things for the area, I thought we'd do something about it.

"I did also hope that we would inspire others, maybe to pick up one piece of rubbish or to perhaps think twice about throwing litter on the ground, or even to think about how their lives create waste in general and maybe take a drink in a reusable bottle or take pause and sit down in a cafe instead of getting a takeaway coffee. I don't know how likely that is but I can hope!"

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The family filled two bin bags with litter, including sweet wrappers, crisp packets, plastic bags, bits of plastic, take away rubbish, salad boxes, baby wipes, tobacco bags, filters and cigarette stubs.

They collected three boxes of non-recyclable items, seven glass bottles, 28 plastic bottles and 36 metal cans and piled up as many cans and glass bottles as they could behind a tree for easy collection on another day.

The Goodes now plan to return to the nature spot and tackle the other side of the stream.