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Loved: Fred Dibnah
Loved: Fred Dibnah
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The race is on to find the greatest ever Lancastrian.

To celebrate Lancashire Day, a poll has been commissioned to find the county’s greatest individual and from the first 400 votes already cast, steeplejack, Fred Dibnah, has taken a surprising early lead with a massive 36% of the votes..

The Bolton-born steam engine enthusiast has a seemingly runaway victory though there are still three weeks until the results will be announced on Lancashire Day itself, November 27.

Votes for Dibnah outstrip the combined vote of fellow Lancastrians including Wiganers, George Formby (14%) and Gerard Winstanley (18%) and popular BBC Radio 2 folk presenter, Mike Harding from Rochdale who has been pushed into fourth place with 6% of the votes.

Many famous names such as Julie Goodyear, Eric Sykes and Danny Boyle are yet to pick up votes and even artist, LS Lowry has only 1% of the votes recorded.

Poll organisers, TMB Books are urging Lancastrians to exercise their democratic right to choose the person they believe has made the greatest contribution to Lancashire.

A spokesman for TMB Books said; “Now that the election in the US is completed, we hope the eyes of the world can shift to the more important matter of determining who deserves this great honour.”

Other famous Lancastrians in the poll include Preston’s Sir Tom Finney and Nick Park and Morecambe’s Dame Thora Hird.

Though they would now be more well know as Merseysiders, Ken Dodd, The Beatles and Edwina Currey are also up for the vote.

Before the boundaries changed Manchester favourites would have come under Lancashire with famous names such as Russel Watson, Professor Brian Cox and Morrisey adding to the mix.

Who would you nominate that is not on the list?

Who do you think is the greatest Lancastrian?

Perhaps you think this year’s Olympic stars like Bradley Wiggins, Helen Clitheroe or samantha Murray deserve a mention?

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