Joy and relief for Preston war hero after stolen Afghan medal returned

A Preston war hero says he is over-the-moon following the return of his stolen Afghanistan medal.

Wednesday, 29th July 2020, 7:00 am

Cade Alexander discovered on Thursday morning that someone had broken into his Ford Fiesta after he parked it up outside a house in St George's Road the night before. The 23-year-old says the offender took his war medal, which he had earned for serving in Afghanistan, as well as some clothes, and a pair of binoculars and colourblind glasses.

But to the soldier's relief, the medal was returned to him on Saturday evening after someone spotted it in the streets following an online appeal for information.

Cade said: "Honestly, I'm right chuffed. But I'm still annoyed that I haven't had the rest of my stuff back. The police are still chasing them up."

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Preston soldier Cade Alexander has been reunited with his war medal, which he earned for serving in Afghanistan.

He added: "A friend of a friend read about the incident on the web and saw the medal somewhere in town. They picked it up and it had my name on it, and I was contacted by a friend who knew us both."

Cade, who joined the army in 2015 and works in the infantry, says he knew something was wrong when he got into his car and realised the passenger door was not shut properly. He then discovered his medal and other items were missing and called the police immediately.

"There's been damage to my car. [The culprit] stuck something between the door and pried it open. The door isn't properly damaged but the rubber on the inside that stops water coming in is broken and there are scratches on the car. I'm hoping the repairs won't be too expensive," he said.

A retail worker then told him that a 6ft, Asian male had tried to sell the medal at Cash Converters and H&T Pawnbrokers in Friargate on Thursday afternoon.

"He must have realised he couldn't sell it so he just flung it away. The box is broken but the medal is fine. My guess it that he couldn't have really had it for long," Cade said.

"There's not even any money behind it but it's a sentimental piece. I probably could have got another medal through the army but in my mind, I earned that one. The new one would look similar but it wouldn't be the same."

Cade had been working alongside paramedics in South Wales all throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and returned to Preston for a three-week break when the incident occurred.

The police are still appealing for witnesses and CCTV footage from the St George's Road area. If you have any information, please contact them on 101 and quote 03 77 and July 23.