Injured Lancashire woman left crying in agony on the ground while passers-by ignored her

A lady from Buckshaw Village who was left with a dislocated arm when the dog she was walking bolted after being spooked by a firework has spoken of her shock that no-one came to her aid, instead ignoring her pleas for help.

Thursday, 11th November 2021, 7:16 pm

Thirty-eight year-old Kay Dobson who was left with a dislocated arm after the ordeal said: "Last Thursday the day before Bonfire Night my friend Nikki dropped her dog Maia off with my partner Craig when I was still at work.

"When I got home I took my 10-year-old Shih Tzu Patch and Maia for a walk. I remember sending Nikki a picture at around 5.50pm then five minutes later a firework went off. It was so loud it was like a bomb going off.

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Family unit of Nikki, Phil and Maia

"The noise frightened the dogs who bolted down the road pulling my arm out of my socket. I was still holding onto both dogs so got trailed along the ground. Maia then ran off.

"My dog was tangled I couldn't get up off the floor. I was in agony. Loads of people walked past me - a guy ignored me, then a guy on a bike, a couple on a bike and a couple with a kid on a scooter.

"A little girl tried to help me but her parents ushered her away. I'm only 5'1. They maybe thought I was was drunk because I was crying but I was in my work uniform."

Luckily for Kay who was on a path with no road she was only 10 minutes from home and called her husband Phil who arrived with his friend to help her.

Four-year-old Romanian rescue Maia.

Her husband took Patch home and brought Kay to Accident and Emergency where she was sedated by gas and air and prescribed Codeine for the pain, alongside having x-rays taken of her shoulder.

Even though it was out of her control, Kay still feels responsible for what happened, but added that her 16-year-old daughter couldn't fathom people's ignorance when it came to helping her.

Three-year-old Romanian rescue Maia was missing for over 18 hours with distraught owner Nikki having set on her porch until 4.30am wishing her



Nikki said: "Maia gets scared of things as she is a rescue.

"So many people went out to look for her until 1am."

A lady called Angie who found her said: "I was very surprised when I found her looking so well. We had been scrabbling through undergrowth looking for a potentially injured and scared dog so finding her walking along a path was a big happy surprise.

"It was also a relief to find her before the start of bonfire night too."

Injured Kay.

Maia has now been rewarded with an early Christmas present in the shape of a Pawfit tracker.

After a near loss, Nikki's husband Phil has now set up a Facebook group entitled Buckshaw Walkies for people to meet up and walk their dogs and keep each other informed.

In a couple of weeks Kay will attend the Fracture Clinic in Chorley where they will assess wether there has been any tissue or torn ligament damage.

Asked her stance on fireworks? she added: "I think they should be kept to professional displays personally."

Kay with her dog Patch.