Have-a-go hero tackles burglar to the ground at Preston hair salon

A have-a-go hero who tackled an intruder who broke in to Alan Joyce Hair Salon in Preston last Saturday morning has been praised for helping what could have been a "major incident".

By Emma Downey
Sunday, 6th February 2022, 12:30 pm

Owner of the Wellington Inn Jordan Ebbs was walking past when he spotted one of the intruders in the salon.

Heroic Jordan said: "I was walking past the hairdressers and I saw this guy sat down at the till and realised the window was smashed so I started shouting at him to get out.

"Then he tried to climb through the window so I tackled him to the floor and held him down until the police arrived."

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Alan Joyce hair salon which was broken into recently.

The intruders, who were armed with a torch and a carrier bag, tried to break down the door a few times before giving up and smashing the shop window with a rock.

Salon owner John who has dedicated 40 years' service to the business said: "Last Friday night, early hours of Saturday morning I was regrettably informed by police that the salon had been broken into at around 2.30am.

"Initially on camera you can see them looking into the salon with a torch, then take six running jumps from the end of the street to try to break the door down.

"You can see from the footmark they decided to give up and disappeared for two minutes then came back and proceeded to throw two large rocks.

Landlord of the Wellington Inn Jordan Ebbs with proprietor of the hair salon Alan Joyce.

"One kept watch while the other entered the store."

Praising his local community for coming together, he added: "Thanks to the power of our small business community here in Preston City Centre, what could have been a major incident has lead to a manageable problem due to the heroics of Jordan.

"Just by chance Jordan interrupted two intruders whilst in the salon and, rather than turn a blind eye, he apprehended one of them as they left the building through the broken window they had smashed earlier and then alerted the police who arrested one of the intruders.

"I am convinced if they (intruders) had have stayed on the property much longer they would have cleared us out."

The three musketeers.

He added: "Andrew our business neighbour the owner of Florianas, Preston also offered his assistance in making the building secure.

"I just want to thank these two individuals for their kindness and support and the help of PC Lister of Lancashire Police."

Believing the lack of lighting in and around the area helped aid the perpetrators, John added that "something needs to be done about this".

He spent two hours cleaning up the damage and estimates around £1,000 in losses but won't know for sure until an assessment is carried out.

The repaired window with one of the rocks used to penetrate it.

Among the taken items was a mobile phone, half a dozen pairs of scissors, hair straighteners, a hairdryer and some clippers.

Jawad Ahmed, 43, of Walton's Parade in Preston has been arrested and charged.

A spokesperson for the police said: "At 2.30am on 29th January we were informed of a burglary at Glovers Court.

"An arrest has been made of a 43 year-old man from Preston on suspicion of burglary and has been charged."

The footprint on the salon door where the intruders attempted to force entry by running and kicking at the door.