From business director to having nowhere to live

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FORMER company director Jeff Green went from driving flashy cars, directing his own business and living in a beautiful home to having nowhere to live after a catastrophic mistake which landed him in prison.

The 58-year-old now has a modest flat near Ribbleton Lane in Preston, and gets around by train or by a company van.

It is a stark contrast to his wealthy, successful lifestyle in which he was his own boss, wearing designer suits, driving a BMW X5, and had a pleasant terraced home near Wigan.

Those are the material things the father-of-four lost when he succumbed to the temptation of money.

His involvement in a drug plot landed him in prison, and led to him being homeless and virtually penniless on his release.

He says: “ I wanted more - it was all greed.

“ Prior to going to prison I ran my own company in telecoms and IT.

“I had my own house, car and wanted the finer things in life. I had no debts.

“Then I got involved in something I shouldn’t – and I lost almost everything precious to me.

“Before I went to prison if you had asked me what I thought about it I was very much of the view they deserve everything they get. Now I understand a lot of people simply make mistakes, bad decisions. There are horrible nasty people inside but many are ordinary folk who took stupid chances.”

Jeff served four years and nine months of a jail sentence for drug smuggling offences.

He explains: “When 
I was released I was without a home, I didn’t have a job, I did not even have a bank account.

“But I do have a relationship with my daughters and grandchildren. They were able to help in the first few weeks but I knew sleeping on a settee was not tackling my problems.

Essentially I was homeless.

“I was 52 when I was jailed and when I think back I can’t believe I got involved in it, but I did.”

Jeff, who has eight grandchildren, adds: 
“I’ve realised what’s important to me. I see everything differently than I did before.

“It’s about how often I see my grandchildren, not what car you drive.”

Jeff was helped by rehabilitation charity Recycling Lives who accommodated him and gave him employment, and he has recently moved into his own flat after 10 months 
of perseverance.