Chorley man makes desperate plea for help after suffering life-altering injuries on dream trip to Thailand

What was meant to be a dream adventure around the world for one Chorley man has turned into a nightmare - and now he needs your help to get him home.

By Catherine Musgrove
Friday, 24th June 2022, 3:45 pm

Twenty-five-year-old Jamie Stanley had saved for years to fund the 12-month adventure taking in countries such as Russia, Egypt, Switzerland, France and Vietnam, but less than half way into his adventure, his plans came crashing down.

In mid-May, Jamie had reached Thailand and was preparing to move onto Indonesia, when he suffered what he calls a "freak accident", falling four metres and suffering severe trauma to his back and heels.

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Jamie in a Thailand hospital after his fall in May

Despite being insured, he says that after a prolonged battle his insurance company have decided they won't pay out for his £22,000 medical bills, and he's stranded until he can raise enough to pay.

Although he doesn't want to divulge the details of the accident, he insists that he was not under the influence of any drink or drugs.

Now with his mental health also suffering, he's issued an urgent plea to help raise the money needed and fly home.

He said: "When I was rushed into emergency surgery I was told that I had suffered a compression fracture of the L1 vertebrae along with comminuted fractures in both heels.

Jamie earlier on his dream trip around the world

"To add insult to injury my left heel was also an open wound with bone protruding from my skin."

Jamie has undergone two lengthy surgeries, but is unsure what kind of recovery is possible.

He said: "I'm still trying to come to terms with everything.

"I don't know how these injuries are going to affect my life. Will I walk differently? And I love cross fit, but will I be able to do that? There's so many questions."

Jamie in a wheelchair leaving hospital to stop rocketing bills

Jamie said the injury and isolation from his friends and family has caused "great mental turmoil", compounded by the language barrier in hospital.

He said: "English is obviously not the doctors or nurses first language, so I'm wondering if they're understanding me.

"Then there's nurses coming in giving me drugs and injecting me and I haven't got a clue what with. I just have to trust them."

In a bid to reduce his costs, Jamie - who has worked as a business development manager in the UK - has managed to check out of hospital, which was costing between £200-£300 a night, and is now staying with a friend in Bangkok

Jamie's hospital bill until June 14

But now his friend – the only person who has been able to run errands for him - has been injured at work, and is on crutches.

"You could write a book about what's happened", said the former Holy Cross High School pupil.

"I've got skateboard knee pads to get around."

In the UK, Jamie's friends, family and former colleagues have been fundraising to raise the money needed to get him home, but he's still more than £5,000 shy of his £22,000 target.

He said: "Friends, family, former workmates, they've done everything they can and I'm so grateful and overwhelmed.

"But I've given myself two weeks now to get home. I just need to get home and if it comes to it, I'll take out a loan."

Jamie in Russia before the accident

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