Lancashire mother sets up GoFundMe to help get daughter with autism and ADHD her forever friend

A Lancashire woman has set up a GoFundMe page in the hope of getting her 13-year-old daughter who has ADHD and autism an emotional support dog.

By Emma Downey
Tuesday, 15th February 2022, 12:30 pm

Lisa Frederick, 39 from Skelmersdale is appealing for help in getting a support dog that could ease her 13-year-old daughter Macey's anxiety attacks and give them some more freedom as a family.

Macey, who suffers with low moods, depression and low confidence, has been diagnosed with ADHD, autism, ASD and Raynaud's Disease - a condition which affects circulation when a person becomes cold or stressed.

As dogs can have a calming effect and are known to promote happiness in people, Lisa, who is her daughter's full-time carer, said: "Macey is dog mad so we are looking to raise some money to get her a puppy of her own to provide her with emotional support and become her forever friend.

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Macey and her big brother Christopher, 16.

"The cost of an emotional support dog is around £1,500 which is very difficult for us to have that kind of money to just go out and get one.

"We have tried rescue centres to an researched in to a support dog but there isn’t enough information out there we just keep coming to a dead end."

She added: "Through lockdown she went really bad as the last place we lived the landlord didn't allow pets.

"Macey has a wall up and finds it hard to trust people. She has no friends close by, so she is alone most days and is very quiet.


"She doesn’t cope well in busy places and is really anxious which starts off panic attacks.

"Just going out for a family meal somewhere quiet can put Macey on edge and sometimes she will be that upset we won’t go."

"She cannot read emotions like others so getting a support dog would be a dream come true for all of us."

So far £105 has been raised of the £1,500 goal.

Macey with her family.

If you would like to make a donation to help Macey achieve her dream CLICK HERE.

Macey and Christopher.
Macey with her stepdad Matt and Christopher.