Burnley couple's comedy dress up stunt brings some Sunday afternoon lockdown fun to their neighbours

A fun loving couple have brought a whole new meaning to the phrase 'meet the neighbours' with an hilarous stunt that had residents on a Burnley housing estate rubbing their eyes in disbelief.

Tuesday, 9th February 2021, 3:45 pm

Tracey Smith decided she wanted to leave some Valentine themed painted pebbles on the Lower Manor Lane estate for her neighbours to find as a surprise.

She has recently moved there with her fiance, Simon Cook, and on Saturday no-one really knew the couple.

But by Sunday afternoon they were the talk of the estate after they did the pebble drop with Tracey dressed as a dinosaur and Simon a pink flamingo!

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Have you met the new neighbours? Tracey and Simon step out in costume for their pebble drop walk.

"You could call it a walk with a difference," said Tracey. "I came up with the idea as a way of trying to cheer people up and I hope it worked because we have received some fantastic feedback and comments."

Neighbours on Lower Mead Drive came to their doors and windows to take photos as the crazy duo completed a tour of the estate.

One little boy was so thrilled to see a dinosaur he kept returning to the window in the hope it would make a re-appearance.

Tracey said: "One little lad had trapped his finger in the door but as soon as he saw us he forgot all about his pain.

Tracey last summer when she began pebble painting.

"We wanted to bring some fun and laughs to people and I hope we have achieved that.

"And it was also a good, if slightly different way to get to meet our neighbours. I think we may have secured a few house party invites for when we are allowed."

High winds made their walk quite tricky, especially for Tracey whose seven foot high costume threatened to take her off with the breeze. That was after she finally managed to get through the door!

She said: "It was such a struggle to get out of the house that my next door neighbour came out to see what was going on."

The sight of a seven foot tall dinosaur and a bright pink flamingo brought some smiles to neighbours on a Burnley housing development.

And then Simon's bright pink costume had a slight fail when he suffered a puncture.

The deputy booking centre manager at Burnley General Hospital, mum of three Tracey started painting pebbles as a lockdown hobby last summer. Discovering a talent for art, friends started making requests for themed rocks which she was happy to accommodate in return for a donation to Pendleside Hospice.

Tracey is already well known across Burnley and Pendle thanks to her Natter Shack initiative which she launched in 2019 to help bring people who may feel lonely or isolated together.

Sadly due to covid, the scheme has gone on hold so Tracey has been trying to still do her bit to spread some smiles

One of Tracey's beautiful painted Valentine pebbles

And she revealed she has five more costumes ready to make their debut at any time.