Aliens visiting Preston? Not likely according to Lancashire Post readers...

An unidentified flying object caught on camera hovering over Preston has sparked plenty of debate.

By Paul Berentzen
Saturday, 22nd February 2020, 3:30 pm
Updated Friday, 6th March 2020, 9:46 am
Did you spot the bright light over Preston? What do you think it was?
Did you spot the bright light over Preston? What do you think it was?

The mysterious bright light, filmed by Gail Jacques who saw it above Preston Prison in the early hours of Thursday (February 20), triggered talk of extra-terrestrial life - but most people seem to think the answer lies a little closer to home.

While suggestions ranged from alien life to stars to the far less exciting possibility it was simply a reflection from inside her home, the overwhelming majority of comments on the story seem to think it was likely a drone.

Here's what readers had to say:

I did see it and last week to.I.thought it was a big drone with lights on flying about. Amanda Joanne Whewell

Looks like a mavic air drone. Karl Houghton

Police drone. We saw one the other week in Fulwood which police confirmed it was their drone. Going fast the slow then stop then change directions. Amanda Wharton

I saw it last night as I was going towards the docks I thought it was the police helicopter, but it disappeared really quick. Sall Whitton

After messing about with the picture and removing its glow, its just a star. Dee Burke

Reflection from the window you crazy lot. Anthony Korben

It's the police drone they use the light for orientation purposes while landing. If you think little men visited us, I suggest seeing your GP. Philip Holding

Police helicopter over Matalan, Bamber Bridge, 1am until 1.30am approximately that morning. Could of been that. Dave Hughes

I saw one last sunday! Driving on motorway from kirkham to Broughton. Alison Clare Moul

Travelled millions of light years just to visit Preston. Dean Shaw

Probably just a drone dropping it’s drugs off. Tony Kearns

Seen 2 over Preston in the past. Carl Parker

Drone drugs run to the prison. Michael Rhodes

Kept changing shape and brightness, just thought it was a star. Emma Louise Williams