999 services warn fans to take it easy

England celebrate their win over Colombia
England celebrate their win over Colombia

Emergency services are urging England fans to enjoy Saturday’s quarter-final with Sweden “responsibly” and not go World Cup crazy.

Lancashire Police will have extra officers on duty for the big game. But the force says it hopes supporters will have a great time - win or lose.

The assurance comes after the constabulary was accused this week of being “overly-PC” by a motorist in Leyland who claimed he had been stopped by a patrol and asked to remove England flags from his car because they were “inciting.”

“It isn’t force policy to ask people to take down their flags,” said a spokesperson. “We want people to enjoy the World Cup and support their national team, but we always remind people to enjoy it safely and responsibly.”

Extra paramedic crews will also be on standby for the afternoon game, with alcohol and the continuing heatwave combining to create a potential surge in 999 calls.

“We will have more resources in place, just as we have had for all England’s games so far,” said a spokesperson. “Our advice would be to enjoy it safely and don’t go too far with the drink in this weather.”

The motorist who claimed he had been stopped for flying the flag for England, said: “I couldn’t believe it - what’s wrong with being patriotic?”

The man, who asked not to be named, added: “The officer said it wasn’t illegal and he couldn’t enforce it. But he was advising me to take them off because he said they were inciting.

“I did it, but I was disgusted.”