Pensioner’s lucky escape from fire

Latest news from the Lancashire Evening Post
Latest news from the Lancashire Evening Post
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An elderly woman had to be given oxygen after she inhaled smoke during a pan fire.

Firefighters said the 81-year-old woman fell asleep while cooking a meal at her home in Molyneux Court, Percy Street, Preston.

They attended the scene at around 11.30pm on Friday.

Mick Hayes, crew manager, said the pensioner had gone to sleep after putting a pan on a hob.

He said: “The elderly woman was raised from her sleep when the smoke alarm sound and some residents came to her aid.

“Paramedics treated attended but she refused to go to hospital and oxygen was given at the scene.

“The pan and contents were destroyed by heat and there was heat damage to the cooker and light smoke damage to the flat.

“The message we always say to people is don’t leave pans unattended.”