PCW’s Steven Fludder - Who dares wins

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Two weeks of trying to relax and get myself back to normal after being run down from the previous shows, it soon dawned on me that I needed to get back to work.

Online shop orders were piling up and needed sending, emails needed replies and I could sense I was falling behind.

PCW owner Steven Fludder

PCW owner Steven Fludder

I can’t explain but burying myself in tasks and another show just round the corner is just what the doctor ordered.

My next show on March 28th is at Evoque, Preston.

Typically when I am low on motivation it has what I consider the most mentally straining match of any kind to plan out.

The match is a thirty person rumble match where each wrestler enters every two minutes and is eliminated if thrown over the top rope.

I need to keep the audience entertained for one hour and that can feel like three hours if I do not control the action and comedy points when planning the match out.

With a match like this I battle in my mind for days of what is best on paper, and it will be the night before when I fully decide what is happening in the match.

On the show we have Prince Devitt who is an Irish wrestler who has earned mega star status in Japan over the last few years.

We also have Paul London and Brian Kendrick on the show who are former WWE Tag Team Champions but also real characters out of the ring.

The last time they came to my shows I ended up drinking with them until around six in the morning and I can not recall any of that evening, but we made friends for life in Brian and Paul.

I am also making steps towards opening the PCW Academy.

A full time wrestling training venue in Preston but more on that soon when I have more to say.