PCW’s Steven Fludder - The shows were packed out

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Last week was a crazy one!

The shows were packed out and I had lots of fun. I usually enjoy myself but for some reason I really enjoyed myself and this was a more mentally demanding of weekends than ever before with a show in Preston and one in Wales.

PCW owner Steven Fludder

PCW owner Steven Fludder

A funny story while on the subject, on the Friday of the show at 11.15am all was too calm. My wife collects most of the talent from the airport and that day was no different. I asked her ‘how was Rikishi’ she replied ‘yeah he is really nice’. I then asked how was Petey Williams and got a similar reply. I finally asked how was AR Fox and she said ‘oh he doesn’t land until 14:30pm’ to which I said ‘no, 10:30am your reading the itinerary wrong’ and she sprinted out the front door in a mixture of tears and screams haha.

After all the crazy antics I have come down with a virus this week. Its funny but so has my cat. So as I sit on the sofa writing this, we both have a wheezy chest, coughing and spluttering all the time. I was hoping to get the unit tied up for the training venue this week but I just thought sod it. I am going to feel sorry for myself and drive the wife crazy all week at the same time.

My final thing I would like to say as we approach May 22nd of the Lancashire elections is that I know nothing about politics. I don’t even know what policies UKIP represent past the media circus surrounding them. What I do know is City Councillor Drew Gale and Martyn Rawlinson of the Labour party have actually done what they can to help PCW. I have received nothing but help and support and taken up hours of their time, especially Drew. Not once have I been giving the impression they don’t want to help. This last few months has really changed my opinion of what Councillors can do to help local businesses with connections and advice. I wont tell you who to vote for, I would say try at some point to meet your local Councillor. Just look if you can see a passion to help others, if you can you know they are right to help the city. We all know when people are genuine and others are just doing a sales pitch they have practiced and there are both types. The ones I mentioned above have seen the potential of PCW and have really helped with making sure it grows into something Preston can be proud of so if you see them mention you’re a PCW fan for me.

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