PCW’s Steven Fludder - Moving things forward with the PCW Academy

PCW owner Steven Fludder
PCW owner Steven Fludder
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This week I have been moving things forward with the PCW Academy.

We have made an offer on a premises and are waiting on news regarding it. I really want to make a success of the academy as it would just further expand the PCW brand in the local area.

This is not about making money, it is about growing as a community. PCW will always remain in Preston and I have no plans to tour so its just the next logical step that we create local wrestling stars for the future.

Another thing I am excited for is the next PCW show. Only 3 weeks away featuring TNA Star MVP, former WWE stars The Hurricane, Low-Ki, Chris Masters, Al Snow plus loads more appearing! It will be another amazing show that kicks off the beginning of something big planned down the line. I have most flights, hotels, VISAs and other paperwork involved completed, so it is a case of just promote the show to all who will listen!

Next week in my home, and now what feels like the PCW hotel, we have Uhaa Nation staying with us for the month. Now I weigh 19 stone, overweight and not really one for exercise. Uhaa looks like a bodybuilder and is quite my polar opposite. He is already messaging me about taking me to the gym and think I have more fear of doing that again than all the pressure of my next big shows!

Last time was great, I couldn’t move my arms for close to three days so I am unsure as to how a gym is a good thing. Literally people were calling my mobile phone and I could not lift it to my ear haha! I might give the cardio a go as it wont hurt to try shift some off my belly but I will pass on the weights.