PCW’s Steven Fludder - ‘I like a challenge’

PCW owner Steven Fludder
PCW owner Steven Fludder
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This week I am at the point where my state of euphoria from the last show has all but gone. My next PCW show is two weeks away and I have a feeling that there is so much to do still. In reality I have most my tasks completed and it’s a case of just a few things to tie up, but I always get butterflies and even more so after an applauded show. I feel a huge pressure to keep topping my previous shows and not from a financial stand point but from a fan entertainment factor.

I have not one but two shows coming up and one is an unknown quantity. It is taking place in North Wales on April 27th at Wales Comic Con. I have a good working relationship with Jaime the organizer of Wales Comic Con and he has decided he wants to have a live wrestling show at his Convention. I like a challenge and I do see it as advertising PCW to a large new fan base. I am trying to make it quite the little show with a strong card. My big worry is it’s PCW outside in a marquee and there might be 4000 people watching us there might be just 4! Wales Comic Con is well worth a day out though and I will be trying to see what celebrities I can talk into doing something on film with my wrestlers for our YouTube channel!

So all in all it is the quiet before the storm this week! Next week I have Chris Masters living in my home for a week who can be like a child at times. I already know he will hog my PS4 during his stay! I will be sure to tell you all about it here, but it’s just one example of how surreal my life has become.

Steven Fludder