PCW’s Steven Fludder - Getting ready for another crazy weekend of wrestling

Steven Fludder, PCW owner and promoter
Steven Fludder, PCW owner and promoter
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This week is our last big weekender DVD set is released and its called Road To Glory. Some ordered it for the action and some ordered it to see the controversial Lionheart v AJ Styles match but all will get value for money.

To speed things up we get all the pre orders sent from the manufacturer. Costs a little more but worth it to get it a couple of weeks sooner. So I wait each day for the postman to see if he brings my copy. As of yet no joy but I am hoping it arrives soon to keep me in the house when I need to be productive this week.

It’s the week before Supershow 4 on May 30th and 31st and I am preparing for yet another crazy weekend of wrestling. With stars flying in from around the world such as MVP, Al Snow, Ring Of Honor Tag Team Champions reDRagon and many more we are sure it will be yet another full house. The weekenders are crazy as its three shows in two days that involve me not sleeping for around seventy two hours. All worth it but I just run on adrenaline and go into autopilot as the time really does fly. We just need to remember not to leave any wrestlers stranded at the airport this time. For tickets and more details go to www.prestoncitywrestling.com and take my word, you will have a great time no matter how old you are.

This week is going to be tough as I have lots to do so I must not go out drinking and get all my work completed. Yes it’s bank holiday weekend and to pile on the misery its my birthday on Tuesday. Oh well guess we will see what happens as it wont be the first time I have tried burning the candle at both ends!

Steven Fludder