Park to keep memory of Preston teenager Reece Whitehead alive

Reece's mum Helen on the bench near their home dedicated to his memory.
Reece's mum Helen on the bench near their home dedicated to his memory.
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A mum whose teenage son was killed in an accident while riding his bike has expressed her gratitude to the community for creating a park haven in his memory.

Reece Whitehead, 14, of Brant Road, Farringdon Park, Preston, died in August last year after he was hit by a car while riding his bike across a busy Preston road.

His mum Helen, 35, today spoke of her heartache at losing Reece and described how she still looks out of the window waiting for him to come home.

And she revealed how the close-knit community of Farringdon Park has rallied round since Reece’s death creating “Reece’s Park” to remember him.

Helen said: “Words cannot describe how horrendous it is to lose a child.

“After Reece’s death, the community asked the council if they could take over a nearby small park and turn it into ‘Reece’s Park’ and they agreed.

“Reece’s Park has a plaque, a bench, flowers, plants and windchimes to keep his memory alive.

“People from the estate are always thinking of Reece.

“We held a remembrance party for Reece in his park on Bonfire Night and again in March on what should have been his 15th birthday and will do something to mark the anniversary of his death.

“I am really glad to be part of the community of Farringdon Park as everyone always looks out for each other.

“I can’t thank people enough.”

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