Parents create legacy for son

Memories: Deborah and Matthew with the baby box
Memories: Deborah and Matthew with the baby box
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A grieving mum is determined to create a legacy for her baby son by raising money to help other bereaved parents.

Archie Hart was born prematurely after his mum Deborah went into labour on September 14, just 23 weeks and two days into the pregnancy.

Sadly, he died just 50 minutes later.

Now Deborah, 41, wants to ensure his memory lives on to support other parents who have lost children.

She set up the Archie Lateef Hart Memorial Society to raise money for various charities .

She will hold her first fund-raiser on Saturday, April 5.

It will be a charity fair with a range of stalls, offering gifts, flower arranging, massages, reiki, storytelling, face painting and other attractions.

The event runs from 11am to 3pm at Tatton Community Centre, in Silverdale Road, Chorley.

Deborah said: “I want to do something that would make Archie proud of me.

“I want friends and family to embrace him and remember him.

“He was still our baby, even though he’s not here.”

Saturday’s event will raise money for SiMBA (Simpson’s Memory Box Appeal),.

This is a charity which provides memory boxes for bereaved parents to collect items linked to their baby.

Deborah and her husband Matthew were given a box by staff from Royal Preston Hospital after Archie’s death.

The couple plan to continue adding to it, including putting birthday and Christmas gifts for Archie in it.

Deborah said: “It was lovely to get one.

“It was emotional, but it was a beautiful thing.”

The fair will be followed by other events in the near future.