Parents blasted over missing children’s trip

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A judge has slammed two parents who sent three of their children away on a “terrifying” unaccompanied flight to Pakistan after a social services investigation was launched into the family.

Ilyas and Mazeley Din, from Preston, subjected the children - the youngest only three- to the journey to a country and relatives they did not know last October.

They ignored a High Court order to return them to England and were sent to prison in December for 12 months and six months respectively, after being found in “flagrant” contempt of court by judge, Mr Justice Hayden.

Yesterday, with the children still missing, the judge lifted reporting restrictions to allow the couple to be named in the press, to help find the children,

He said: “I am determined that these children will be returned - that is the very least this court can do for them.

“It is impossible to imagine how traumatic this experience will have been to these children and inconceivable that parents would be prepared to subject their own children to this.”

The family came to the attention of Lancashire County Council last June after an allegation that Mr Din, 48, had committed a serious assault on his wife, who is in her 30s.

The family initially fled to Ireland, but returned, only for three of the children - Alyssa, 15, Safia, five, and Amani, now four - to board a flight alone, flying first to Islamabad and then to Karachi.

The judge said the children had been “spirited away” in a “quite brutal manner”, with the eldest girl given the responsibility of looking after her two much younger siblings.

Mr Din, who was acquitted of assaulting his wife, said they had panicked when confronted by social services and said he hoped the children would be returned in the next few days.

“We are not bad people,” he said. “We just made a mistake. We have got no intention of running away.”

The judge said he had no confidence in Mr Din’s claims.