Oxfam campaign at Pendle Hill

pendle sold two
pendle sold two
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Young protesters took to the hills to campaign against illegal land acquisition in developing countries.

More than 70 members of Bolton Lads and Girls Club gathered at Pendle Hill in Lancashire to take part in an event organised by Oxfam to highlight the issue.

The charity said unlawful land deals by global companies in Africa have left millions homeless and without food. The youngsters spelt out the word ‘SOLD’ in 70ft-high white letters on Pendle Hill as part of a week of action by Oxfam.

Campaigner Beth Kerr, a 17-year-old student from Halliwell, Bolton, said: “Land grabs often happen with no consultation – imagine being thrown off your land without warning and finding yourself homeless, landless, penniless and at risk of violence. Imagine how would people in Lancashire would react if their hill was sold without consent, and transformed into a mining site.”

Jo-Anne Witcombe, an Oxfam youth and school campaigner, praised all the youngsters involved in the protest.

She said: “These incredibly passionate young people from Bolton are leading by example.”