Owners walk into their dogs’ hearts in Buckshaw Village, braving freezing temperatures

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Devoted hounds trotted alongside their favourite humans for a Valentine’s themed walk on Sunday.

About 12 walkers and their four-legged best friends showed up for the hour long walk around Buckshaw Village.

Pet owners raised £22 and collected donations of food and a duvet for Makants Greyhound Rescue North West, a re-homing service for ex-racing greyhounds.

Dog walking group Hounds Around Buckshaw was started as a way of meeting other like-minded people in the area on a regular basis. Members meet monthly to take their pooches out and enjoy the company and conversation others.

Treats and water was provided for the dogs at the end of the walk before everyone went home to escape the freezing temperatures. On their return home to the warmth pet owners posted pictures of their tired dogs warming up in their beds.

Mark Griffiths wrote on the Facebook group: “Another great (albeit) freezing walk! Molly is flat out and just about warmed up.”

Samantha Eccles added: “Jodie is fighting sleep but I think it’s winning.”