Overton villagers help save Monkey the cat

Monkey the cat before the accident.
Monkey the cat before the accident.
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Villagers in Overton showed true community spirit by having a whip round to help pay for an operation for a neighbour’s cat that was run over.

Kaz Ginnochio’s cat Monkey was hit by a car which completely smashed her leg and left her with a chipped hip.

Monkey has to stay in a cage until her leg and hip heal.

Monkey has to stay in a cage until her leg and hip heal.

Owner Kaz was told by vets that an operation to fix the injuries would cost £1400 which she couldn’t afford.

But Jim Hancock from Heysham posted on Facebook: “Who’s up for chipping a few quid in to save Monkey, Kaz Ginocchio cat? It doesn’t matter if it’s only a £1 or a £5 you can afford it’s showing community spirit that counts, I know if I was facing losing my family pet dog Bluebell I would be gutted, who else is up for this?”

Kaz, 37, of Chapel Lane, Overton, said: “I had villagers slipping cash through my door. I was so surprised and shocked by their support. They raised almost £700 which is amazing and I can’t thank them enough ever. The way this village has pulled together to help Monkey has blown me away.

“Monkey is home now but has to stay in a cage for a few weeks because of her leg so she doesn’t snap it all again by jumping off something. She is in quite a bit of pain but is doing just fine.“Charity Save a Pet donated £300 too and I will do a charity event in the future to help.”