Over-40s urged to check it

Pressure: Coun Azhar Ali gets his checked
Pressure: Coun Azhar Ali gets his checked
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Medical chiefs in Lancashire have begun spooning out a double dose of advice in an attempt to protect the health of the county’s over-40s.

Two initiatives have been launched this week to make sure the middle-aged and elderly stay fitter for longer.

The first, run by the county council and called Stay Healthy For Those You Love, is targeting people between 40 and 74, and offering free health checks by their local GP.

The other, by NHS England and titled The Earlier, The Better, is urging people over 60 with any health worries to seek medical advice early, instead of storing up problems.

“We know a lot of people are worried about going to the doctor and getting themselves checked out,” said County Coun Azhar Ali, the county’s cabinet member for health and wellbeing.

“But most of the time they will not discover anything serious. The checks are a great way to stay fit and healthy for yourself and your loved ones.”

LCC is advising the over-40s to take up the offer of free health checks at their local surgery. The campaign will encourage people to get a health check when invited by their GP, and even if they don’t feel they need to do it for themselves, to do it for those they love.

Coun Ali said: “The check will take less than 20 minutes and will look at your lifestyle, weight, family medical history, cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

“If the doctor picks up on any factors which could lead to health problems, they will advise you on lifestyle changes that can help you stay well.”

Early diagnosis is also at the centre of the NHS England public awareness campaign which started this week, and encourages the over-60s to seek immediate medical advice and not store up health problems.

Jim Gardner, NHS England’s medical director for Lancashire, said: “If you deal with a problem when you first realise something is wrong, you will give yourself the best possible chance of getting back to full health quickly. Leaving a problem to get worse can put your long-term health at risk.”