Our chuppahs for Jewish weddings are that nice I might change faith...

Workplace Feature Margaret Mason Florist, Friargate Margaret Mason
Workplace Feature Margaret Mason Florist, Friargate Margaret Mason
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Margaret Mason Special Event Florist arrange flowers for special occasions and make everyday bouquets. The florist, located at 85 Friargate, Preston, specialises in wedding and funeral arrangements. To view more floral designs or to make an order visit: www.margaretmasonfloristpreston.co.uk

Special event florist Margaret Mason have supplied beautiful floral decorations across the UK.

Kimberley Reay

Kimberley Reay

From the Natural History Museum in London to functions at Sterling Castle, the Preston florist has an esteemed reputation.

And owner Margaret Mason is so enthusiastic about her job it is infectious.

The 77-year-old set up her self titled business in Friargate in 1961 and the firm has grown to national acclaim and gained Royal approval.

Margaret said: “It’s a team effort; my staff are like an extended family to me and some have been with me since the start.

Sue Winstanley

Sue Winstanley

“It is a wonderful job working with people at their happiest – when they are about to be married – and as a florist you find a warmth that you don’t find in other sorts of jobs.

“When they let you into their lives it’s like Alice in Wonderland stepping through the looking glass into another world.

“But we aren’t being nosy, we are just trying to get that personal touch.”

The florist has embraced the internet revolution – taking international orders on her website, but believes that people still desire a one-to-one personal service.

Debbie Baron

Debbie Baron

She said: “I’m excited for 2014, we are always changing, if I had the same routine as five years ago I’d be out of business.

“I want to work with people who care about the people we are working for.

“I do everything from arranging, to answering the phones, to doing the washing up – everyone has to dig in.”

Rachel Shannon, 25, is a florist and has been working for Margaret for two years.

Ian Vicary

Ian Vicary

She said: “I like doing all of the flower arrangements, we do massive weddings and I love doing funeral arrangements. I’ve learnt so much from Margaret, she’s an inspiration.

“At college you learn the basics but here it is one arrangement a minute.

“I think we are the only florist in Preston that make chuppahs for Jewish weddings – they are so beautiful I’m considering changing faith!

“We go the extra mile and Margaret, myself and the team travel to the weddings – even if they are in Leeds or Manchester – just to make sure everything is perfect; it isn’t your ordinary florist.

Debbie Baron, 47, has been part of the team for 30 years.

The florist said: “My days are always so diverse, I might be at the barn getting ready for a big wedding, or at the shop.

“Every week is a change, every function is different.

Ada Calderbank, 68, works for one day a week and has worked for Margaret since the store’s opening.

She said: “I’m hoping to retire soon, but Margaret does a great job. She does the talking and I do the organising.”