Options for war memorial move

Harris Memorial
Harris Memorial
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An old soldier campaigning to have a war memorial moved is urging members of the public to have their say.

Tony Slater has come up with two potential new sites for the monument which has stood guard outside the former Harris Orphanage in Garstang Road, Fulwood for more than 90 years.

And, after having plans drawn up for both alternatives, in readiness for an application for council planning permission, Mr Slater is asking residents what they think.

“I’d like to know what everyone else thinks,” he said. “Whichever one is chosen I will be happy because it means the memorial will be accessible for everyone in the future.”

The statue of a young soldier standing in solemn respect was erected in 1924 in the garden of the orphanage. But now the property is privately owned and the monument is not as easy for relatives of the 18 former pupils killed in the First World War to visit.

One option is to move it to the side of Garstang Road, set back into what is currently a hedge bordering the property. But there are concerns including road safety and tree roots.

The other alternative is to move the whole thing to the grounds of Harris Primary School in Wychnor, Fulwood where the former orphanage school moved in 1984.

That idea has been warmly welcomed by the school itself. Headteacher Amanda Gregory said: “If the memorial is brought ‘home’ the pupils promise to look after it, respect the values it espouses and uphold the memory of those who it serves to honour.”