Will the Labour Party crumble into pieces?

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If you are looking for brotherly love, steer clear of the Labour Party.

And I am not just referring to the raging, ongoing feud between Ed Miliband and his brother David over the Labour leadership fracas five years ago. It goes much deeper than that...

The Labour Party is tearing itself to bits, partly generated by an all-consuming panic that the hard-line left-winger Jeremy Corbyn might achieve the unspeakable and actually win the battle for the leadership.

The other three candidates, none of them distinguished figures, are squabbling among themselves, not about policy issues, but which of them should stand down to increase the vote against Corbyn.

And what if it all went “wrong” and Corbyn did win? And then, how would those “stupid” MPs feel who facilitated Corbyn to stand as a candidate at all, merely to widen the debate, as they said, not believing he would become a serious challenger? They have been denounced as “morons” and at least one, Dame Margaret Beckett, has admitted the description is accurate.

A Corbyn victory would cause an already fractious party to descend into sheer turmoil, with the serious threat of a breakaway movement forming, as with the SDP during the grotesque leadership of Michael Foot in the 1980s. What traditional Labour people fear is that the drubbing they received under Michael Foot at the 1983 general election could be repeated if Corbyn was at the helm in 2020.

It is no exaggeration to say that Labour is now enduring an even worse crisis than it suffered during the days of Militant Tendency infiltration in the 1980s. And if the worst scenario comes to pass, then there is a real danger the Labour Party could fragment beyond repair. How those “morons” must wish they could turn back the clock...

Talk about hypocrisy. The European Commission has had the brazen effrontery to fine the United Kingdom £642m for alleged poor accounting. The draconian financial punishment was imposed because Brussels bean counters claimed the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs had failed to properly administer EU farm payments.

And this from a body for which the European Court of Auditors has failed to give a clean bill of health form the past 19 years.

Such hypocrisy is breathtaking.