'Why I no longer go to Preston’s Market'

Preston Market
Preston Market
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I read with interest the article by Megan Titley, regarding the new market (Cold War, LP May 13).

I consider it to be a pathetic travesty of a market, being a Prestonian born and bred all my life, ie almost 75 years.

I can remember the days of the market when it consisted of stalls filling the square in front of the museum.

The fish market was also full of stalls selling fish and the covered market sold fruit, vegetable and other types of food.

How this new market has managed to win prizes beggars belief and makes one wonder who did the judging and on what criteria the decision was made?!

Ever since getting married, over 50 years ago, I have visited the market, parking on its car park and buying fruit, vegetables, meat from Clarke and Sons butchers and eggs and cheese from Pickles.

All of which weigh heavily but could be easily taken up to the car park and stored in the boot while I went into the town centre.

For the last 20 plus years, my sister has come with me.

The other stalls I regularly used - while still there - were the fabric stalls, the haberdashers and Janz cake decorations stall, the latter two of which, it seems, our council does not consider suitable for a 21st century market!

So I was told stallholders had been informed.

As I am not to carry heavy weights since having two operations, the closure and subsequent removal of the car park has caused difficulties and, as a result, I have not been shopping in Preston since Christmas. I have no intention of doing so for the foreseeable future.

I go to the Deepdale centre instead as parking is very close to the shops, especially at opening times, and it is free.

Preston councillors need to get out of their ivory tower and talk to the people who use, or rather did use, the market.

Obviously they have not personally had to do any shopping in it!

From a very sad Prestonian