Who knew how flipping good pancakes are?

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Two remarkable things happened this week.

Not remarkable in the sense of, let’s say, winning an Oscar or fighting to prevent civil war. Or initiate it as the case may be.

No, more like real-life remarkable, after a dreary few days filled with work and rain.

The first happened yesterday, when after leaving the house at some ungodly hour to start the early shift, one found that spring had sprung.

Hurrah! Yes, despite the 6.30am start, the sun was shining, birds were singing and blossom filled recently bare branches. Heck, I almost started whistling a tune while on my merry way, so happy was I that the rain had stopped and we were able to witness the first signs of summer.

Almost. I’m not Mary Poppins after all. Head was down and I was back in commuter mode by the time I reached the tube station. But still, for that fleeting moment...

The second was even more remarkable.

Far more noteworthy. In fact, I never thought I’d see the day.

Note the date: March 4 2014. A Dear Diary moment. The Boy was impressed by something I did in the kitchen.

And I’m not talking about the dishes. Though my dishwasher loading skills are up there with the best of them. No, this was a real culinary skill.

Tossing. OK, flipping may be a nicer way to put it (the immature devil on my shoulder just couldn’t resist...)

Yes, after whipping up a batch of batter – thank you Mr Oliver for your one-cup recipe – The Boy looked on as I attempted my first pancake of the year.

Now, while I can’t chop, marinade or sauté, and am no good at roasting, baking, basting or any of the above, boy can I flip.

Mouth open in disbelief, he watched as yours truly manoeuvred the frying pan like an expert before the big event, multiple flips, to produce a perfectly proportioned stack.

Not, as I presume he expected, a flour-filled batter bomb site.

Not only that, the efforts were sat alongside a tray full of tempting toppings.

Lemon and sugar, dear? Or maple syrup? Why don’t we try Greek yoghurt, honey and walnut.

See, I do know my way around a kitchen.

But only once a year...