Who are the real ‘tyrants’?

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A new slogan – straight out of fairyland – has been coined by those disgruntled politicians who opposed, and still do so, the prospect of the UK pulling out of the European Union.

It is: “The tyranny of the majority.”

Call me obdurate, or whatever you like, but I cannot for the life of me see how this mantra can be justified.

A referendum was held and it was won reasonably handsomely by the Brexiteers.

And as Sir Winston Churchill once said, if one vote will secure you a majority, then that is sufficient.

So now we have the Government, properly heeding the majority of those who voted, simply trying to implement the outcome of that referendum. I cannot fathom how that can possibly be described as tyrannical.

On the contrary, what we are now seeing is “the tyranny of the minority” by those who still refuse to accept the verdict of the people – in short, bad losers. Several senior politicians have joined in with this, notably former Prime Minister Tony Blair, pictured, who says he is on a mission to get Brexiteers to change their minds. It is not too late to do that, he claims.

Well, I am afraid it is.

Parliament approved the referendum and the result is clear for all to see. So it surely cannot be right for the disappointed losers, like sulking football fans, to stand on the sidelines and complain: “We was robbed!”

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has described Blair as “insulting” the voters, while former Tory Cabinet Minister Iain Duncan Smith says it is arrogant to imply that only full-time politicians know what (they think) is best for Britain.

Some politicians regard their constituents, very privately, as pond life. So I suppose it is not surprising they don’t respond appropriately when the people speak.

new Speaker.

- Will Jeremy Corbyn still be smiling at the end of the week with the results of the Copeland and Stoke Central by-elections? Or will his critics, if the results are bad for Labour, already be implementing their plot to ditch him? Scary times for our Jeremy.