What you see isn't always what you get ...

Aasma Day
Aasma Day

Is it just me or is anyone else totally confused about what day it is today?

We’ve had Black Friday and Cyber Monday and I’ve now got so used to having a prefix attached to the days of the week in a desperate attempt by retailers to get us to part with our cash, that I don’t recognise days by their ordinary name.

Maybe Skint Saturday or Woeful Wednesday have become part of your week if the lure of a bargains proved too much, causing you to over-spend money you don’t have.

Overspending for Christmas hasn’t really become an issue at the moment as I haven’t even started shopping or thinking of ideas for what I need to buy.

Although somehow other unexpected costs and expenditure in normal everyday life have left my bank balance looking like I have been splashing the cash on lavish presents.

The start of December has snuck up on me, catching me all unawares, and, although it might be the most wonderful time of year, the only thing filling me is a deep feeling of panic and the desire to throttle those smug people who airily brag: “Oh, I’ve finished all my Christmas shopping – and I’ve even wrapped everything.”

I think many people have become a bit disillusioned and disenchanted with the whole concept of Black Friday, Manic Monday, Silly Saturday and any other pointless days when shops try and convince you that they’re offering their best ever deals.

Yes, there may be the odd good deals around and if you’ve had your eye on something you were planning to buy anyway, if fortune is smiling on you, you might find it’s a smidgen cheaper.

But on the whole, many people believe it’s all just a marketing gimmick – and many deserted shopping centres on Black Friday showed that people just aren’t falling for it any more.

Personally, I try to avoid going to shopping centres whenever possible whatever time of year it is...does anyone else get totally frustrated by how slowly people walk in town?

So it’s online shopping for me all the way – and I’m an experienced hand at it being used to buying everything from clothes to shoes to holidays and electrical goods over the internet.

However, online shopping has its pitfalls – and sometimes things turn up not quite as you envisaged ... as one of my colleagues discovered with a couple of his Black Friday purchases.

He told me how he had excitedly spotted a fantastic deal on a set of dinner plates online before adding in a droll manner: “It’s the stage of life I’ve reached that I get excited by dinner plates.”

When the “bargain” plates arrived, they weren’t the dinner plates he was expecting but tiny plates around the size of a saucer.

During the same shopping mission he’d also found a set of glasses which he thought would be the perfect drinking vessels.

Lo and behold, he’d made the same sizing mistake and what actually arrived was a set of glasses similar in size to shot glasses.

“Why didn’t you just take them back?” asked another perplexed colleague.

“I couldn’t be bothered” was the gloomy reply.

Couldn’t face the embarrassment of admitting his mistake more like.

Still, at least he’s fully kitted out for holding chidren’s tea parties!