'What do you want to see in town centre?'

Did you know that a new £675m Future High Streets Fund is currently up for grabs?

Friday, 18th January 2019, 4:42 pm
Updated Friday, 18th January 2019, 5:49 pm
What do you want to see in Chorley town centre?

Reading a recent article on this, it seems that many surrounding councils have already applied for some of this cash.

I’m not sure if Chorley Council has yet come up with ideas to justify getting a share of it.

With increasing numbers of shops now having ‘For Sale’ signs displayed, the need to act is now very urgent.

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My question here, is, what would residents of our town like to see developed to improve our local high street and shopping areas to attract footfall to the town centre?

The building of the extension to Market Walks is now underway and, if this is to prove a success, there has to be additional ways to encourage more people to use the facilities which we hear are planned.

The town’s unique selling point is still its thriving markets.

For my own part, I would like to see the existing covered market properly linked to Market Walks and all of this area to have a roof over it to encourage further use.

This is long overdue and should have been completed before the new building was constructed.

After all, it is all now owned by the council.

A proper weatherproof cover would encourage more use of the whole area, including making it more suitable to encourage evening and night time activities.

Come on readers, don’t be shy, tell us what you want!

Graham Archer



Raise seismic threshold

Over the years, there has been considerable interest amongst the Lancashire business community in becoming part of the emerging shale gas supply chain. It has the potential to be huge, creating lots of opportunities for local firms and people. But it may not be as big as it could be if the seismic threshold of 0.5 magnitude isn’t raised.

Government originally said it could be raised if conditions allowed, but it sounds as though it has since caved-in to pressure from campaigners because it now says there are no plans to increase it. This seems totally unjust. The seismic activity witnessed so far has not led to any injury or damage on the surface, and the various authorities seem satisfied with Cuadrilla’s assessments of well integrity.

If that’s not reason enough to increase the threshold, I don’t know what is. It will be a missed opportunity if this vital new industry is handcuffed by so many restrictions that it can’t get going.

David McManamon, CEO

PPSI Manufacturing


He did all he could

Garstang Councillor Roger Brooks has absolutely no reason to feel ashamed of himself with regard to the sale of the former Rural District Council Office to Keyworker Homes (LP Letters, January 9).

By all accounts, he worked extremely hard on Garstang’s behalf in this matter, and he did everything he possibly could to ensure that the deliberations of Wyre Council were kept in the public domain.

The fact that this building in the centre of Garstang actually belonged to Wyre Council made his job extremely difficult, since their loyalties are to the entire Wyre area and not to Garstang alone.

Nevertheless, bearing in mind Keyworker Home’s original plans for that property, I believe that the outcome would have been far worse had Roger Brooks (a gentleman of wide experience and authority) not got involved on Garstang’s behalf when he did.

(Mrs) Leslie Glegg