What a relief, it’s that time of year again...

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This year’s Comic Relief tagline – Make Your Face Funny For Money – is likely to generate a record number of selfies , never mind the money.

The biennial event is upon us once more as celebrities implore us to send in our hard-earned cash to benefit the under-privileged at home and overseas.

But who will take up the comedic mantle once the great and good who helped set up and establish the charity we know and love today are no longer around to make us laugh?

The beloved Rik Mayall helped put Comic Relief on the map, with The Young Ones and Cliff Richard releasing the very first Comic Relief single in 1986, while his hilarious performance during the first live broadcast in 1988 will forever be remembered.

And fellow Comic Strip Alumni, French and Saunders!

Who could ever forget that glorious smooch Dawn had with floppy-haired lothario Hugh Grant, while decked out in a dress similar to Liz Hurley’s ‘safety pin’ frock?

These days the charity appears to rely on the likes of John Bishop, Alan Carr and Catherine Tate, and, while they sometimes raise a giggle, a belly laugh akin to those provided by their predecessors, they do not.

Maybe it’s my age, approaching 30 and beginning to get *whisper it* cynical, perhaps I’m losing touch with what constitutes “funny.”

Four years ago, riding on the crest of their revival wave, the charity transformed comedians into Fake That, a tribute to Take That, which helped raise donations contributing to the colossal final record-breaking total of £108,436,277.

This year we have No Direction.

Pre-teen Directioners (for those of you who have been living under a rock – that’s what One Direction fans call themselves) will be using their hard-earned pocket money to text in their donations once they see Jack Dee, Nick Helm, Patrick Kielty, Vic Reeves and Johnny Vegas give Harry Styles and Co a serious run for their money – even though they have no clue who the comedians are.

As for me? I’ll still join in with the event because, who doesn’t love an event?

I’ll still bake the cakes, don the red nose and tune into BBC 1 from 7pm tonight if not only to pay homage to those who have gone before, but to moan about how much better it was when the Spice Girls joined up with the Sugar Lumps.