'We thought the Co-Op was different'

The Co-Op in Adlington
The Co-Op in Adlington
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Re: the Co-op’s decision to close its Market Place store in Adlington.

We silly Co-op members thought this society had social concern among its principles.

The store serves an area of over 2,000 residents in lower Adlington, many of whom are elderly or with young families, and without ready access to cars.

It is staffed by kind and helpful local people for local people.

Its closure will leave Adlington, Anderton and Heath Charnock with only the upper Co-op or Tesco, and for many, that will involve a two-mile traipse or more, rather than one or less.

Yet we gather the Market Place store has been paying its way.

The banks, it seems, are there to make a profit for shareholders and bonuses for directors, with the minimal service to customers they can get away with. We innocently thought the Co-op was different, there to co-operate with members (including most, if not all, staff) and potential members.

How romantic can one be?

F. G. and D. M. Downing



Plans will lead to congestion

How can cash-strapped Chorley Council justify asking residents for a three per cent council tax increase when they are investing about £1m on industrial premises off Alker Lane?

This proposal, together with the development of the Strawberry Fields site and the Botany Bay area, will result in traffic congestion at the Hartwood/Preston Road/J8, M61/Euxton Lane junctions.

Councillors may think it is valid to attract employment to the area but, without adequate road traffic considerations, it will produce unbearable delays for local residents. I regret that the planners appear intent on making it increasingly difficult to move around and out of the town. I dispute the council’s claim that such developments will produce incomes for the benefit of the residents.

The efforts of the council would be better employed providing heating for the bus station and improving the appearance of the town’s central shopping and business area. There are far too many empty outlets that are untidy.

David Jolly

Long-established Chorleian


Broken system

Some recent votes in Parliament have shown that some MPs can vote with their conscience and against their party leadership.

However, that is unusual for MPs.

I have witnessed, when the division bell in the House of Commons has rung, MPs summoning their aides to ask how they should vote, should they go through the aye lobby or the no lobby?

So MPs, not having listened to the debate in the House, and not taken an informed view on deciding how to vote, simply troop through the particular lobby as directed by the whips and the party leaderships.

Most MPs have ambitions to climb the greasy pole and so are willing voting fodder for the party leaderships and, what is depressing, these same MPs are defenders of our precious democracy. Both nationally and locally, the two-party system is broken and out of date.

Voting Independent has to be the way forward - it is time for change.

Peter Gibson

Leader Wyre Independents

Breck Ward


School reunion

Did you attend Penwortham Girls’ Grammar School, Preston, starting in the first form in 1972, then leaving after O Levels in 1977, or A Levels in 1979?

Or are you in touch with someone who was at the school at that time?

A group of ‘old girls’ from our school year is planning a reunion on Saturday, March 30, at the Marriott Hotel, Preston. We’re aiming to reach out to as many ex-pupils as we can.

There’ll be plenty of catching up, as many of us haven’t seen each other for over 40 years. And we’re expecting well over 40 people at the party - word has been spreading and excitement mounting about the event!

People will be attending from around the country, and one person is making the trip from the United States.

As well as the evening fun, there’ll be activities during the day as well, and some of us are making a weekend of it.

If you’re part of the PGGS Class of ‘77 / ‘79, you won’t want to miss this! Please contact the Lancashire Post, who will put you in touch with the reunion planners.

Gillian Crawshaw

via email

For futher information, please email lepforum@lep.co.uk or ring 01772 554537.