'We need to clamp down on fireworks'

Letters: As the smoke settles on another Bonfire Night, surely it is about time that the Government introduced legislation ensuring that all bonfires are confined to organised events by councils and act as charity fundraisers.

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Friday, 16th November 2018, 2:25 pm
Updated Friday, 16th November 2018, 3:29 pm
Should there be restrictions on fireworks?
Should there be restrictions on fireworks?

They should only be allowed on November 5. The 11pm watershed for setting them off is constantly ignored and, in my home town, fire crews were ambushed by a gang of feral youths hurling fireworks at them. This is a scenario experienced by the emergency services around the country. My local newsagents had his shop window shattered by an exploding firework thrown indiscriminately. Sadly his insurance will not cover the total cost of repair.Fireworks are attractively packaged for marketing reasons and I would recommend that mandatory graphic warnings should be displayed similar to those on cigarette packets, alerting users of the serious injuries that can be caused. Despite awareness campaigns and repeated safety warnings in the build-up to Bonfire Night, 4,436 individuals attended A&E Departments last year with injuries caused by fireworks – a statistic that has doubled in seven years.We should also bear in mind the concern of pet owners, asthma sufferers and the elderly living alone and give fireworks a rocket.Jim OldcornGreat Harwood

veganismOffensivecar stickerRecently, on Sir Tom Finney Way, in Preston, I was shocked to see this sticker on the boot of the car in front of me: “Heart Attacks. God’s revenge for eating our animal friends”.Do radical holier-than-thou vegans really believe God would inflict a heart attack on a human being just because they ate meat? Doesn’t the person who stuck this on the boot of their car realise how distressing this could be for someone who has just recently lost someone to heart disease? There are many reasons for heart attacks, not just meat consumption. So the statement isn’t even correct. But when you are in the business of feeling superior, when did accuracy matter?By all means if you decide not to eat meat or animal products that’s your business and I’m sure most vegans will be saddened by the sentiments on the sticker. Being vegan though doesn’t give you the right to stand in judgement and condemn anyone who doesn’t agree with your views. A little humanity and respect for others goes along way.Jacqueline TaylorPrestonroadsDanger junctionEvery morning, I travel down Gravel Lane, Banks, near Southport, to make my way towards Preston. This means crossing the dual carriageway and entering the central reservation opposite Sugar Stubbs Lane.This junction is becoming more dangerous. The reason is that lazy and inconsiderate drivers come out of The Riverside Caravan Park or the adjacent Delweb industrial site, also known as the Riverside Business Park. They then get into the offside lane and make a U-turn into the central reservation before heading back towards Preston. According to the signage, this manoeuvre is illegal.This morning I decided to sit and count how many drivers disregarded the signs. In less than 45 minutes, I counted 19 drivers acting dangerously.Why do the police do nothing? All it will take is a police camera van to park and photograph the illegal manoeuvres. It would catch many irresponsible drivers and save a disaster waiting to happen.name and address supplied

roadsCutting costs?

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Re: M55 link road and associated infrastructure. I submit a photo taken of the short length of Lea Road in Cottam, which joins Cottam Way to Sidgreaves Lane (pictured).It shows the new straight stretch of pavement and associated new drainage installed, costing probably between £10,000 to £20,000. According to the plans for the new link roads, there is to be a new roundabout on this short stretch of road, so why has this money been spent only to have it all dug up in the near future?A possible reason is that the roundabout is not going to be built and therefore there’ll be no Parkway railway station, maybe? We know already that the costs have rocketed, so is this an attempt at cost-cutting or just another Lancashire County Council/Preston City Council design faux pas? Roger Morgan via emailbrexitA complete disaster

Brexit is a complete disaster. Thousands of jobs will go, food will be more expensive and there will be five-hour border delays. Recession, inflation, self-inflicted economic isolation and lower living standards.It’s all just pure idiocy.Anthony SmithAddress supplied