'We must educate our young on the dangers of drugs'

I remember my schooldays, many decades ago, and how the ‘clever boys’ would sub money together to purchase a packet of cigarettes.

By Clare Kelly
Friday, 22nd March 2019, 4:47 pm
Updated Friday, 22nd March 2019, 5:53 pm
A correspondent writes about drugs
A correspondent writes about drugs

The oldest looking boy would be sent into a friendly news-agent to acquire the contraband.

I could never understand the appeal, especially the rite of passage of coughing and spluttering, and despite Hollywood films at the ‘flicks’, portraying sultry couples sharing a smoke together.

Fortunately, tobacco addiction is on the wane.

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Unfortunately, it is being replaced with more dangerous drugs.

The gangs bringing this poison into our country are often linked to a wide range of crimes.

Murder, money laundering, sex slavery, fraud... so I cannot understand how ‘recreational drug users’ live with their conscience, given these horrible things perpetrated by the suppliers of narcotics.

End users are effectively complicit in murder.

These illegal drugs create mental psychosis, paranoia, indolence and, of course, addiction.

All this leads to personal financial ruination.

These countries with a long history of this tend to suffer endemic violence and economic chaos. That some politicians promote the siren calls to legalise drugs is at best misplaced and mistaken idealism.

Instead of schoolchildren going on strike about global warming, they should be spending a schoolday learning the truth of this evil trade and its links to the drugging and control of young girls who become enmeshed in prostitution by rape gangs.

Our children need educating and warning of the dangers of drug addiction which some liberals present as mere lifestyle choice.

Edward Johnson

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