‘We have something to fight for’

Battle: Ric has suffered an eye infection but says Emma Grandison (below) inspires him
Battle: Ric has suffered an eye infection but says Emma Grandison (below) inspires him
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Dad-of-two Ric Clark, 33, from Penwortham, told the Evening Post how he discovered he was battling cancer while training for a triathlon. In this column, he reveals it has been a tough week for his recovery but others have inspired him

I was feeling optimistic and well at the end of last week.

Emma Grandison

Emma Grandison

My movement had gotten a whole lot better and my food was going down well. On Thursday I managed to go for a walk along the river Ribble and covered six miles; I felt great.

It was a good day to walk the sun was out and this only made me feel better.

This continued into Friday and we went to Cop Lane School Fair in the evening with the kids and the got to meet the Deepdale Duck.

On Saturday I woke up feeling under the weather, similar to flu symptoms; achy, shivery and generally not well.

However it was due to be a busy day as it was our youngest’s (Sidney) sports day at nursery.

It was another good day for the kids and they enjoyed running about in the sun, however as the day went on I felt worse and was struggling with the heat.

In the afternoon I managed to get some sleep as my in-laws looked after the kids as Leonie was at work.

In the evening I felt better and we ordered a take away.

I use to be able to polish this off in one sitting, it now makes four meals for me so it goes a long way; I was still eating it Sunday afternoon.

As the week began I woke up and felt terrible, I struggled to open my right eye and called my GP.

He told me that I had conjunctivitis and mouth ulcers and told me to wash my eye regularly. It became worse over the day although I managed to sleep and rest plenty.

On Tuesday when I woke up, it was all so much worse. I went back to see my GP and he prescribed some medication and antibiotics.

Now I feel like the recovery from the operation has become a secondary issue as the pain from my new problems far exceed any pain in my abdomen.

My movement is not really an issue any more, however my motivation is not there due to a sore eye, mouth and head, it looks like I have been in a boxing ring and this week I have been resting up and taking medication to try on overcome these new problems.

I seem to get one thing under control and then I am presented with a new set of problems, but I realise these will be temporary and that there are far worse things that could happen, but I don’t make a good ill person.

I would rather be up and about and active, that’s when I feel at my best and at the moment I am just being held back from this.

Over this week I have been reading a lot too, there was a guy in the paper a few weeks ago and I have been reading his blog, Ben’s Bowel Movements. This guy is a real inspiration.

He has been diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer, but this hasn’t stopped him from training and running six marathons in six months to raise funds and awareness.

And then there is also Emma Grandison who has also been an inspiration to me over the last couple of months.

These people are real heroes, they have to take on so much, but stand up to cancer and don’t let cancer control them, but the reverse, they take control of their own lives and call the shots.

With being so young, I was shocked and surprised to hear the news that I had cancer, and I bet these two were too, but you can’t just take it and be done with it – everyone has something to fight for.

I am taking this week as a little blip, and taking time to rest up and get back on track (I think I over exhausted myself), next week I will be back fighting with renewed energy and vigour.