Waiting for a world without the real answers

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Has the international community ever looked more hopeless than it does right now?

We are currently in the middle of a grim period of news which isn’t showing signs of improving any time soon. If we are not watching the latest images of masked gunmen stopping the experts from getting to grips with the planet’s biggest crime scene then we are being subjected to truly depressing coverage of the increasingly futile conflict in Gaza.

The human cost of these two crises is enough to make the hardest hard heart ache a little and cause the most indifferent of us to sit up and pay attention.

And not a day goes by without us being subjected to the latest slick rhetoric from a grim faced Western leader telling the world what the next step should be. Our very own David Cameron has been very busy running to the nearest television camera warning Russia there will be consequences for the downing of flight MH17 and the 298 passengers and crew.

Cameron, like many of us, believes this outrage was the work of the rag-tag but evidently lethal separatists who are loyal to Moscow and he is right to have a go at highlighting Russia culpability in this but will Vladimir Putin give two hoots about what our Prime Minister thinks?

The truth is that he is unlikely to lose a wink of sleep, particularly if the rest of Europe shilly shallies over whether or not tough sanctions are placed on Russia. That ultimate world club - the UN - has demanded full access to the crash site so the bodies can be properly recovered and a full investigation conducted.

It is simply a case of crossing our fingers in the hope the right thing is done.

In Gaza, the world’s most influential politicians and diplomats have spent days trying to broker a ceasefire, one which will almost certainly be broken at some point in the future.

Unfortunately many ordinary folk not directly affected by the conflict have become de-sensitised to the violence in Gaza, maybe because they cannot see an end to the most the desperate of situations.

We keep being told that we live in a global village at a time when most think we have all the answers. The sad truth is this past week has served only to highlight how deeply ineffective the fabled international community can be at times.