'UK’s railway industry’s an expensive shambles'

What do you think about the recent increase in train fares?
What do you think about the recent increase in train fares?
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Re: Fare rises. Robert Nisbet (Rail Delivery Group) popped up on our screens to reassure us all the new cash will create a modern railway.

No wonder there have been protests at stations by many angry rail staff and commuters.

They and millions of other people know full well that Britain’s railway industry is an expensive shambles and most know why. Numerous opinion polls confirm that three quarters of the public hold privatisation responsible.

What else but chaos could have been expected on a rail network operated by, at the last count, 34 different companies? Most of them are in the private sector with their own company directors and shareholders to support.

We pay higher fares than in Europe to travel on crammed and unreliable services. The only solution is to return to public ownership.

Royston Jones via email

The average commuter will now be paying nearly £3,000 for their season ticket, that’s £786 more than in 2010.

It’s the responsibility of the Transport Secretary Chris Grayling to regulate the amount by which train companies can raise fares but he’s choosing not to.

These rail fare increases are an affront to everyone who has had to endure years of chaos on Britain’s railways.

Falling standards and rising fares are a national disgrace. The Government must now step in to freeze fares on the worst performing routes like Northern.

We must bring back our railways back into public ownership, so they are run in the interests of passengers, not private profit.

Chris Webb via email

Celebrate our differences

For over a decade, I have been saying that the Morecambe area has massive untapped potential and that we should be shouting about it from the rooftops.

Finally, the establishment is doing that. I was at the Launch of the ‘Lancaster’ Story and the atmosphere was electric. It just saddens me that it is all, yet again, about Lancaster.

The video is excellent, but the commentary is about Lancaster whilst showing pictures of Morecambe and other parts of the district. It’s all a bit like “oh, and by the way, there’s Morecambe, too…but back to Lancaster”.

What would York or Chester give to have a Morecambe and a Morecambe Bay attached to it? How brilliantly they would be able to market themselves.

The website and the video talk about Morecambe being part of the city. No, we’re not, we’re a seaside town. I love Lancaster, I love the whole area. You do not need to lump it all under the city banner.

It took a man from Cornwall (Si Bellamy from Eden) to bring Morecambe into the frame at the launch event.

Why can’t our own people be equally passionate about Morecambe? Let’s put an end to this eternal ‘us and them’.

Let’s celebrate our differences and brag about them to the outside world, not paper over them.

Ian Hughes, Morecambe

Notice was threatening

I was appalled to see the wording on a notice in Morecambe. The notice was displayed in a window of a property, on Marine Road West. Clearly the resident has had problems with parking. The notice says, “Private property, do not park here, or we will f*** with your car”.

I am no prude, but this, to me, is threatening. Surely this type of notice cannot be tolerated. I reported this to the Town Hall in Morecambe. They responded that it was probably a police matter. I reported it to Morecambe Police Station, and they believe it is a council matter. I suspect the police are under-staffed, and this is trivial. I hope the people who wrote this notice read this, and realise that some people are offended by the wording.

Or, in this day and age, is that wishful thinking?

Mr A Pedder

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