Two Jags needs to be parked on the frontline

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What a waste of a good man!

It is good news for Labour that Ed Miliband has brought back into the fold Lord (John) Prescott, the former Deputy Prime Minister, to assist the party at the forthcoming general election.

But it seems ludicrous to put this battle-scarred political bruiser – and I mean that as a compliment – in charge of the party’s policy on climate change. Now, we know that this issue is, in many people’s minds, one of paramount importance.

However, climate change will not be at the forefront of many voters’ minds when the campaign gets going, nor will it be discussed in the pubs or doorsteps of Britain.

No, the place for Prescott, especially as Labour are now trailing the Tories in the main opinion polls, is at the heart of the melee and not on the fringes, even though, as a minister, he dealt with this subject and knows its ins and outs.

Meanwhile, the Tories’ advertising campaign looks as though they will be personally attacking Miliband and the shadow Chancellor Ed Balls.

They should just think back a few years and remember what happened when their posters tried to demonise Tony Blair in 1997. They suffered one of the worst defeats in electoral history, shattered and flat on their back.

Will they never learn?

What claptrap some MPs talk!

Liberal Democrat MP Lorely Burt, who rejoices in the title of the Coalition’s Ambassador for Women in Enterprise, has protested that the use of Union flags on the Government’s business advice website is not female friendly and gives the impression that the web page is a military recruitment site.

Talk about dredging the bottom of the barrel to think of something, indeed anything, to say. The idea that businesswomen would be put off by this design is simply bonkers.

What kind of evidence does Ms Burt have that women – particularly businesswomen – will be deterred by the spectacle of a Union flag? None, I suspect. It doesn’t say much for her opinion of women if she thinks they will be frightened off by the spectacle of a flag.

I do sometimes wonder how people like Ms Burt ever get elected to Parliament.