'Turn the water hoses on anti-social hooligans'

Letters: Having watched the Pride of Britain awards, my faith in human nature was restored to some degree by the wonderful examples of humanity.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 16th November 2018, 2:07 pm
Updated Friday, 16th November 2018, 3:09 pm
There were reports of hooligans attacking fire crews  across the region. See letter
There were reports of hooligans attacking fire crews across the region. See letter

Contrast it with the reports of yobs attacking fire and rescue crews when they were carrying out their dangerous duties.

Actually, there is a good answer.

Turn the water hoses on the hooligans, not gently but firm enough to lift them off their feet.

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It is time we stopped listening to the petty excuses they come out with, if ever they are caught.

Most of the law-abiding people of the country are no doubt disgusted by their behaviour.

It is high time our criminal justice system took a hard look at sentencing and began to act accordingly.

After all, the judges are now about to receive a hefty raise in their salary.

Barry Foster

Address supplied

Brexiteers are just as angry

In my opinion as a Brexiteer, calling another referendum and making the electorate vote again until the majority of politicians get their way is blatant cheating at politics.

It is a dirty tactic equally as unsporting as demanding to take back a bad move in a chess game.

It is trying to get their way by unfair means.

It makes the nation more like a totalitarian dictatorship than a democracy.

Brexiteers are equally as angry at the very long delay of Brexit as are the Remainers because they lost the referendum.

R N Coupe

Lostock Hall

Bring in the sniffer dogs

It is unbelievable to read a report about a “serious drug problem” still existing at HMP Kirkham (LP November 7).

To me, it isn’t rocket science to suggest a good idea to rid these places of drugs for good.

Why not bring in the dogs?!

Bring in the ones that sniff out any drugs at the airports.

Take them around the cells, prisoners, staff, and visitors.

I really believe this would stop these drugs from being in these prisons for good. This should be done daily.

That’s if they really want to address this problem! I am sure this could be arranged quite easily. These dogs are fantastic animals.

Janette Ellwood

via email

Too costly

for a cross

As an ex-soldier who has always got a small wooden cross to remember two friends who lost their lives while serving, I went to get a cross and saw a price list – small cross £2, plus other things.

I can afford £2 but I’m sure there are people who can’t, including ex-service men and women.

I think having a price list is wrong.

The poppy is supposed to represent those who gave their lives for our freedom.

What is wrong with giving what you can afford?

An angry veteran