Trump’s bark is far worse than his bite

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The Establishments in London and Washington have been rocked on their heels by Donald Trump’s White House victory and the Brexit vote in this country.

Luvviedom is getting highly agitated over the unexpected arrival of Donald Trump at the White House.

The Liberal elite have for years been complaining about the Establishment and its alleged parsimony in handing out Government grants to the entertainment industry.

Yet, now with the Establishment overturned, by Donald Trump in Washington and Brexit in this country, some people are more unhappy than ever, to a farcical degree that in both cases they have been demanding a re-run of both polls. Nothing, it appears, will satisfy them.

I believe that Trump’s bark is far worse than his bite, and that his presidency will be a far cry from what many people feared.

However, if this result in Washington, and the Brexit vote in this country, causes the Establishment to think hard before they dole out extravagant hand-outs to the luvvies, that must be a good thing, when you consider the millions starving in Africa, not to mention those in need at home. It must be in everybody’s interests to make sure the entertainment industry can learn to stand on its own two feet without continually whingeing that they need more and more public money.

Personally, I do not understand their brass neck in this continual pleading for funds, claiming that our economy depends on it.

- There must be gnashing of teeth among the British Establishment that the much-derided Nigel Farage, interim leader of Ukip, has become the first British politician to meet Donald Trump since his White House election victory.

Now we shall have to see whether Trump offers Farage an official intermediary role between the White House and Downing Street. I cannot see British officials taking kindly to possibly having to bend the knee to a man who has been described as leading a party of “loonies and fruitcakes”. Meanwhile, Farage has blotted his own copybook by denouncing Obama as “a loathsome creature” because of his alleged dislike of the United Kingdom. It is an ugly epithet to direct at anyone, and Farage should be ashamed of himself.