To dream perchance to sleep there’s the rut

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What would you give for a good night’s sleep? Feeling tired is a common bond which pulls most people over 30 together.

It is about this age most human beings give up on the notion of being invincible and face up to the cold, harsh realities of life and it is then when the sensation of feeling constantly cream crackered begins to set in.

Some will argue a person doesn’t fully understand the meaning of tired until they become a parent, which is true in the sense few will ever feel as exhausted as they did in the early days and weeks of parenthood.

Up until that point I thought I was fully acquainted with tiredness but I was immediately taken to a new level, one which required me to listen to radio shows, whichnormally count only milkmen and lorry drivers among their handful of fans, as I endured the torture of early morning feeds.

One thing is for certain – I have never caught up on sleep, not that I believe anyone really can make up for lost hours under the duvet.

What I, like many others of fellow pragmatists, have done is learned to live with it. Mother-of-two Margaret Thatcher once famously claimed she got by on just four hours of shuteye a night, although her many detractors will have argued her lack of sleep showed, particularly when you consider some of her major decisions.

Personally, I have always been one of the ‘sleep is for wimps’ brigade, somebody who would rather watch the Bourne Identity after the News at Ten for the 12th time than traipse up the wooden hill when I had the chance.

It seems this flagrant disregard for bed might prove to be my undoing in the long run after those in white coats described humans as being the ‘most arrogant of species’ for skimping on sleep, warning we leave ourselves more at risk to illness.

That we are getting two hours a night less sleep than our great grandparents did 60 years ago is hardly a surprise, given that, thanks to round-the-clock television and the advent of social media, we are now a 24-hour society.

While it is always nice to have an occasional lie-in, the fear many of us share is that too much sleep is a waste of a life.